Back to Writing

If any of you remember, a few years ago I ran a blog called Watching Stuff with Darryl, which was dedicated to television, specifically reality-competition shows (think Design StarNext Food Network Star, and a true unicorn, Work of Art: Search for the Next Great Artist).

It was a massive amount of fun, but what I really loved about it was the constant habit of writing and updating, and having great conversations with so many of my readers (people who were just as insane as I was about really weird, very niche programs).

So I’ve decided to get back into writing for the Internet. Only this time my focus will be slightly different. I’m going to be writing about tech, pop culture, and anything else that I come across that I think is weird or fun. For the most part it will be longform, a style I’ve grown to really enjoy with the advent of services like Pocket or Instapaper. I will also be including other forms of media, like videos and podcasts, so eventually there should be a lot of variety here.

I’m not starting this to make money, or develop any internet fame. I’m doing this to raise the creative stakes in my life. I want the challenge of posting regular content, regardless of who reads it.

To me, this should be the number one goal of anyone writing for the web (or in general). Create content to satisfy the weird need you have to share information with strangers, and to talk about things that matter to you. The Internet is wonderful because, with almost negligible cost, your voice can be heard. I want to celebrate this opportunity, and welcome you to my strange corner of the Internet.

Thank you for stopping by! So much more to come!