Mission 6: Coffee with Surfers

New York City. A melting pot for sure, but did you you know that surfing Australians were also in the mix? And that they own their own surf shop in SoHo? And that their surf shop sells some of the best coffee in the city?

Wait, what?

Not only that, but this place has one of the nicest outdoor spaces in the area.

Believe it, kids.

My ladyfriend and I discovered Saturdays Surf NYC in SoHo. It’s on Crosby Street, between Grand and Broome. From the outside, it’s nothing to look at. If you didn’t venture in, you’d never know there was a full service coffee bar, and a really beautiful outdoor space waiting for you.

I don’t know how they did it, but they capture a really chill atmosphere back there. You almost feel like the Pacific Ocean is just behind the brick building in front of you. The place is populated by honest-to-goodness Australian surfers (and a super-cute schnauzer), and they run it like a really relaxed campfire hang-out. I came in feeling a bit keyed up, but that quickly faded. You almost feel foolish for having entered with any worries. I sat in their zen-like garden, and just chillaxed for the next hour, drinking one hell of a good cup of coffee.

A very sublime Yes, And. I highly recommend you go visit.

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