Mission 4: Creative Thinking

This weekend featured two separate missions. The first involved a trip to New Jersey to try out for a creative consulting job (more on that in a bit). The second was a random trip to Staten Island (more on that mission later this week).

The consulting gig tryout was set up by my girlfriend’s mom. She knew I was a designer and a comedian, and thought I might be a good fit. When asked, it seemed natural to Yes, And it.

So Saturday required me to wake up at 4am to make it to Morristown, New Jersey for some testing at the creative consulting company. Essentially, this company (which I won’t name until I know I’m allowed to) helps companies come up with new product ideas. They hire creative people to brainstorm with representatives from major corporations, and if the ideas are good, you’ll someday see it on a store shelf.

I got to New Jersey at about 8:30, riding NJ Transit for the first time in my life. Double decker trains! Who knew? I was pretty much exhausted, and wondered to myself, “How do they expect creative thinking at 8:30am?”

Anyhow, they testing phase was in three parts. The first was word association, the second was a mock session that resembled what a real meeting would be like, and the third was a drawing test. All of it was pretty fun, and I felt like I did really well.

What made the day even better was making, what I like to call a “day friend”. By my definition, it’s someone you meet by happenstance (like at some sort of one-time event), and for that day you and that person are friends. Almost like a Breakfast Club Friend, but with less angst. Her name was Whitney, and we had an interesting chat about travel, photography, and Hawaiians.

I also learned (just yesterday) that the consulting company wants to hire me.

Pretty good result to that Yes, And, I think.

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