Mission 3: A Nintendo Moment

I was at Grand Central Terminal yesterday afternoon, catching a train to visit my Grandma for my birthday dinner (score!). While there, I found a quick moment to spread some Yes, And.

Nintendo had a special event at GCT to support the launch of their new handheld system, the Nintendo 3DS. They had a number of kiosks, as well as some friendly people standing around demoing the units.

So I went up to one of the girls, and asked, “Hey, can I try one of those?”

Of course she said yes (otherwise, she’d be doing a pretty horrible job).

In the spirit of Yes, And, after she handed me the 3DS I told her, “You won’t believe this, but I’m actually carrying around a pretty old Nintendo system.” And out of my jacket pocket I produced a Game Boy Advance SP, pretty much my favorite travel toy.

She had never really seen one, but was intrigued. She asked to try it, so I handed it over.

And there we were, two people in GCT—one playing 3DS, the other playing Game Boy Advance—quietly sharing a really fun moment of discovery.

It was pretty sublime.

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