Mission 2: Upside-down Corona and an Art Director

This one turned out to be very cool:

Recently, I was invited to hang out with an old co-worker whom I knew from Barnes & Noble (for a little while I helped them sell Nooks). It was a relatively uneventful evening, as my old-coworker had to leave pretty quickly.

After he left, I was going to call it a night. However, I got a text from ANOTHER former Barnes & Noble co-worker who I very rarely see:

“Come hang out with us!”

I wasn’t sure if I was up to it, but I remembered Yes, And.

So of course I went.

We met up at this fun Mexican restaurant/bar, and I only knew one person out of the four. I was offered a drink I would normally never have, some weird vodka and lemonade concoction with an upside-down Corona pushed into it.

But I Yes, And-ed it, and cool things started to happen. 1) I got to know people who I had never met before, and because I was friendly and agreeable, 2) My friend helped me get my graphic design portfolio critiqued by the head art director at Simon & Schuster! How nice was that?

Because of a single Yes, And, I had a ton of fun AND also got helped professionally.

Much more to come next week! This thing is really starting to take off.

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